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Find the equipment that is right for you

equipment solutions

The right equipment and appropriately selected consumables complement the solutions offered by SmartMedia. Our offer includes a wide range of complementary products allowing automation and improvement of management processes in your company.



Our offer includes the following products:
  • MiniScanners
  • Data collectors
  • Label printers
  • Consumables


MiniSkaner scanners are designed for all those looking for convenient 1D and 2D scanning solutions. Mobile miniSkaner readers are a modern and handy solution, serving as an alternative to larger data collectors. These are elegant, light and operate intuitively. 

MiniSkaner scanners are very simple in operation - scanners contain only two buttons and there are no moving parts. At the same time these scanners are very efficient - the built-in memory stores up to 10 thousand 15-character codes.  Additionally, there is no need to re-charge the scanner for 8 hours.



The scanner can communicate with other equipment using either a USB wire or the Bluetooth interface. It it also consistent with most of the hand-held systems including smartphones and tables using iOS, Android or Windows system. MiniSkaner scanners allow for a very intuitive use. 


One of the ways these scanners can be used involve the use of hand-held systems adapter in a form of a special handle. Scanners can also be clipped to a leash. RING miniSkaner can be worn on a finger, thus completely freeing the hands.



These scanners can be used in storehouses, logistics and transportation, stocktaking, library management, health services, shopping centres, in both small and large shops. 



Each scanner means increased work mobility and is the perfect solution for all those looking for efficient 1D and 2D scanners. 




Data collectors
data collectors

Data collectors are small portable tools with open-source operating system allowing the customisation of the collector to any given application. Given their capabilities and low costs, the data collectors are a popular choice among both small and large organisations.


This type of equipment is best suited to aid in stocktaking, document or product flow control or in situations where large number of tools must be used.  Depending on the type of code they read, data collectors can be divided into: laser (1D), two-dimensional (2D) and RFID.

Label printers
label printers

Label printers are used in fast and simple label printing (including barcodes) or stickers. Label printing is performed using either thermal or thermal transfer method. The printer allows printing of barcodes, text and graphics.

Using label printers means legible and reliable product labelling and lowers its unit production costs. We offer a wide range of label printers including: Zebra, Toshiba, Bixolon, Godex and Argox. 


Consumables are those products that are used in the process of label printing. We offer sticker labels with various levels of robustness and fit for various purposes, with printer ribbons chosen depending on material purpose and type of printer. 

Depending on purpose, we offer either thermo transfer labels (recommended for stocktaking) or thermal labels (recommended for office use e.g. in internal document flow). 

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